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Who We Are

R Lebe 



Responsibilities/Committees: Chair of Governors

C Green 

Responsibilities/Committees: Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of REP Placement Panel, Member of the Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare Board, Member of the School Development Board

I am a mother of two grown daughters, and I am married to a Metropolitan Police Sergeant.

I was previously a Parent Governor at Marriotts School from 2012 to 2014 while my daughters spent their final years at the school.

I became an Associate Governor at Lonsdale in September 2016, then a full Governor in September 2017 and also took on the role of Vice Chair.

I am registered disabled and have found that with the free time I have, this has given me the opportunity to give back to my local community. I try to ensure I am at all Lonsdale events from Assemblies to the Christmas Fair. I feel that it is important for me as a governor to be in touch with students, staff and parents.

Before my disability, I worked in Taxi Insurance brokerage in Stevenage. It was great to interact with people from different cultures. I processed accident claims and dealt with the main insurance underwriting company. I left to go to NU to work in legacy pensions.

After I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis it made me rethink what I wanted from life. I now enjoy spending time in Lonsdale School. I have loved taking on the role of REP Placement Panel Chair. I have been to Ofsted conferences and looked into how to make governors visits more effective and informative. I also work closely with the Chair to ensure that the governors visits to school and residential are completed and recorded well. I take on training that can help me fulfil my role to the best of my ability.

I believe that every child deserves a good education, no matter their background, and I hope to help support the school in achieving this.

S Jarvis 

Responsibilities/Committees: Chair School Development Board

Dr Jarvis is currently Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education and Student Experience) at the University of Hertfordshire. Prior to joining the university in 2006 she was SENCo and Inclusion co-ordinator at Ashwell Primary School. She is passionate about ensuring that all learners achieve challenges and enjoy success and that all children are empowered to find their own voice. Dr Jarvis has lived in Graveley, just outside Stevenage, for the last 32 years.

S Harley 

Responsibilities/Committees: Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare Board, Staff Governor

I joined the Governor team in September 2021 to learn more about the strategic running and operation of the whole school.

Originally, I joined Lonsdale in 2012 working on the MSA team; I then moved to the LSA team a few years later. I was involved in extra-curricular activities at school as well as the Maths catch-up programme. Since 2017 I have been running the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is now an integral part of how young people with disabilities can reach their full potential with an 'I can do' attitude.

In 2018 my role expanded to implementing Outdoor Learning across the whole school. This ranges from encouraging young people to spend time outdoors for wellbeing, curricular outdoor learning opportunities, Forest School, John Muir Award, outdoor life skills, RHS, RSPB and Woodland Trust initiatives, Snowbility and RDA to outdoor visits.

Large costs incur for appropriate equipment, resources and opportunities for young disabled people to participate in these activities, so in 2019 I was involved setting up the Lonsdale Outdoor Inclusive Experience Charity to aid funding in this area.

I am strongly motivated by seeing young people achieve their potential and overcome huge barriers in social, emotional and physical aspects of their lives. In September 2021, I started an MSc in Outdoor Environmental Education, which I will hopefully complete in August 2022 to enable the further enhancement of facilitating knowledge in protecting and engaging in our environment.

J Schwartz 

Responsibilities/Committees: Chair Resources Board

I joined the  Lonsdale Governing Body in September 2017. I am a practising accountant working for Tesco, and a qualified teacher from a past life.
I have first hand experience of Lonsdale from seeing the amazing things that the school did for my brother-in-law and I hope to be able to bring some of my skills and experience to the school.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading and running - just not at the same time!

K Byrne

Responsibilities/Committees: Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare Board, REP Panel

My name is Katie Byrne I have been Governor for the last 13 years at Lonsdale school. I was a pupil previously at the school. I live in Letchworth, independently in my bungalow, with help from my personal assistants and my care agency. I have a disability, but I get around in my electric wheelchair and live life to the full.  I have recently completed my degree at the University of Hertfordshire studying to be a Special Needs teacher. This is brought a lot of challenges, because I now realise that I really want to help students with disabilities to reach their full potential regardless of their disabilities.

I feel that as a Governor I do understand how to make sure students to be independent without their disability becoming the focus and the fact that I can show the students that you can live independently in your own home with support and this perhaps gives them a goal to achieve themselves in the future. I really do enjoy my volunteering as a governor because I like to know that I have helped the school become a great school that it is and I feel very welcome and part of the team at Lonsdale and are valued member of the school. 

I think it is good that I can show parents and students that disability does not mean you can’t do anything it means you can because I have done it myself.  Also, students and parents are more than welcome to send me emails with any questions they might have regarding disabilities, leaving school, going to college, leaving home and living independently/with support.  I am more than happy to try and help them in the best way I can by giving them my perspective

A Drury 

Responsibilities/Committees:  Joint Chair of the  Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare Board, Safeguarding Governor

I have been a Governor at Lonsdale since 2014.  I am a frequent visitor to school through my work as a Youth Connexions Personal Adviser.  I have worked with young people and children in a range of settings for as long as she I remember!  I have both, personal and professional experience of supporting people with disabilities and learning difficulties. When not discussing issues around transition with Lonsdale pupils, I am usually discussing music, film and Lego as an alternative!

T Barker 

Responsibilities/Committees: Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare Board 

Having initially been an Associate Member of the Governing Body 2016/17 I was delighted to have accepted the position of Governor in 2017.

The staff and pupils at Lonsdale form an amazing community that I feel privileged to belong to, and I look forward to working closely with the other Governors, Staff and Headteacher to ensure that the strategic direction of the school will continue to enable all pupils to excel in developing their education and independence.

I currently work in the public sector as a Project Manager.  I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Leadership and Management, with previous experience in Governorship at a University and Students Union.

B Ives 

Responsibilities/Committees: Vice Chair, Resources Board, Health and Safety Governor, REP Panel

My name is Brian. I am 54 years old and I live and work in Hertford. I have two grown up children. I have owned and operated my own Estate/Letting Agency business for 26 years, helping people move home, arranging mortgages, life assurance and pensions. In addition to this and some might say rather randomly, I also run my own Hardware shop! Directly opposite the Estate Agency office, the shop sells tools, paint, nuts & bolts, screws and much more besides. I prefer a balanced ‘live and let live’ approach to life, and I put great value and much emphasis on honesty, truth and loyalty. Responsibility should be taken seriously and commitment followed through. I read a lot, like walking, swimming, cycling and getting out on my motorbike whenever time allows. I love to rummage round junk shops and find things to refurbish or re-invent, (up-cycling is king). I like to spend time in the garden, my expertise only runs to the colour of each plant, although my garden is an equal opportunity employer. Weeds and plants share equal space and attention. Without noticing it I find I have turned into dinosaur when it comes to technology. I endeavour to avoid social media and am happy in my ignorance of trending and hashtag. A more traditional approach is my forte’, with pen/paper, books and face to face conversations much more my style.

S Oliver 

Responsibilities/Committees: Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare Board, Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS), Parent Governor

I am a Parent Governor to Lonsdale School (joining for the 2017/18 academic year), although my son has been a pupil at the school for a few years now. 

I joined as Governor because I wanted to be involved in the decision making at the school and to be a part of making it an exceptional learning place for all the children who attend. Being part of the school community is really important to me and I am thoroughly enjoying my new role!

As well as enjoying quality time with my young(ish!) family. I also enjoy playing Hockey and generally keeping fit and healthy in my spare time and my passion for sport and physical activity spills over into my day job! I work part-time at the University of Hertfordshire’s Sports Village as a Sports Development Officer. I love my job – creating and coordinating opportunities for children and young adults to keep fit and healthy through a variety of sports and physical activities  during school and university term-time as well as school holiday periods. 

P Kerr 

Responsibilities/Committees: Vice Chair, School Development Board

I am a Senior Associate Solicitor at Tees Law, specialising in Education Law. I have extensive experience representing parents of children with special educational needs, including but not limited to cases appealing provision and setting in the SEND tribunal. I am a member of the Education Law Association and I am a regular contributor of articles to an education and family centric publication in Essex. I have delivered training to schools, local authorities and parents in relation to Special Educational Needs and the law in practice. When I do get some ‘down time’ it largely centres around the differing needs of my toddler and teenager. I enjoy playing the piano and am currently learning to play the alto-saxophone (albeit rather slowly!) I am also an avid baker and have recently been learning about using unlikely replacement ingredients in baked goods to address my youngest son's various allergies.

A Wall

Responsibilities/Committees: School Development Board, Parent Governor

Hello, I’m Abby, a confident, content and quite able lady with a positive outlook on life and a practical and pragmatic nature.  I’m also a big fan of alliteration.  I am a self-employed media designer (a new venture born out of greater adventure of life) so I am quite creative, too.  Prior to 2004, I worked as a senior level PA (lots of organising, diary management and travel – pretty much parenthood as it turns out!). 

In the early stages of our journey, I reflected on where I wanted our adventure into uncharted waters to take us. I created a mission statement for my daughter, and that was for her to “reach her full potential whatever that might be and be able to express herself and who she is as fully as possible however that might be”. This created the cornerstone for our lives which we have built on for the last 16 years and is essentially why I am here.  With 16 years of experience as a parent of a child with additional needs, I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which I hope will come in useful.

I’m passionate about all sorts of things but top of that list is, of course, my children and the world they live in.  I feel being part of your children’s community and world connects that environment with the hub of home and helps them feel valued.  If I can have a positive impact on that world for their benefit and the benefit of others, then I have had a good day.  And that I why I am a parent governor.