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About Us


Senior Leadership Team

Ms A Ottridge Headteacher
Mrs C Thiele Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Smart Head of Support and Student Care
Dr A Perrett Assistant Headteacher
Miss S Small Assistant Headteacher and Head of Residential Education
Mrs S Cushion School Business Manager
Mrs S Taylor Consultant Deputy Headteacher


Mrs J Andrews Unqualified Teacher
Mrs M Baker Teacher
Miss K Gregor Teacher / Primary Phase Leader
Miss V Rose Teacher
Miss C Sumner Teacher


Miss K Bradbery Unqualified Teacher
Ms C Fisher Teacher
Miss L Huddleston Teacher 
Miss E King Teacher
Mrs D Piekarz Teacher
Miss A Read Teacher
Miss F Ryner Teacher 
Ms V White Teacher
Miss E Woodward Teacher / Secondary Phase Leader
Mrs M Woolley Teacher

Post 16/Upper School

Mrs S North Teacher / Head of Upper School
Mrs S Rosenberg Teacher


Mrs L McGrath School Admin & PA to Senior Leadership Team
Mrs F Gallagher School Admin / Receptionist
Mrs S Jacobs School Admin/Receptionist
Mrs A Patton Finance Assistant

Learning Support Assistants

Miss E Andrews Secondary
Miss L Barber LSA Apprentice
Miss L Chapman Primary
Mrs K Cherry Secondary
Mrs G Clarke Primary
Mrs N Clements Primary
Mrs L Cloona Primary
Mrs M Compton Secondary
Mrs F Copeland Secondary
Mrs C Day Secondary
Miss C Fordham Primary
Mrs K Foxworthy Primary
Mrs A Francis Secondary
Miss S Francis Secondary
Mrs M Freeman Secondary
Mrs K Grint Secondary
Miss T Ingles Secondary
Mrs S Keen Secondary
Mrs J Lacy Secondary
Mrs M Malavia Secondary
Mrs S McErlain Secondary
Miss C Miller Secondary
Mr C Reeds Secondary
Mrs Z Robinson Learning Support Team Manager
Mrs C Simpson Secondary
Mrs K Singer Primary
Miss E Walton Primary
Mrs J Yule Nursery Nurse

Support Teams

Mrs N Allen Home Economics and Food Technology Instructor
Mrs S Funiciello School Counsellor
Miss L Swaine Specialist AAC Technician
Mrs C Bartlett AAC Technician
Miss H Dean Swimming Instructor
Miss L Agnew Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mr C Barker Casual Minibus Driver
Mrs M Bailey Clinical Care Worker
Mrs S Bennett-Beattie Clinical Care Worker
Miss K Corrigan Clinical Care Worker
Miss T Durrans Senior Clinical Care Worker
Mrs H Fountain Clinical Care Worker
Mrs M Lambert Clinical Care Worker
Mrs J Randall Clinical Care Worker
Mrs N Watts Clinical Care Worker
Mrs E Wilson Clinical Care Worker

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Miss M Anderton Mrs S Hughes
Mrs D Baker Mr A Kitching
Miss E Blackaller Mrs G Mullen
Miss G Compton Mrs N Andrews
Mrs A Goldsmith  

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  • Brittain Way, Stevenage
    Hertfordshire, SG2 8UT

  • 01438 726999