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PfA Conference at Lonsdale


Lonsdale KS4/5 pupils are warmly invited to attend the Lonsdale Conference ‘Preparing for Adulthood – Life after Lonsdale’, which will take place on Monday 27th March 2023 at Lonsdale School from 10am to 3pm in the Hall.


During the conference, our pupils will hear from keynote speakers about their journeys after leaving Lonsdale School, about their achievements, successes and the barriers they have encountered in adult life. The speakers, who are all former Lonsdale pupils, will give a short talk each, sharing their personal journeys. Pupils will then have the opportunity to ask the speakers their questions.

Lunch will be provided for all conference participants.

After lunch, there will be workshops, which are led by the keynote speakers and Lonsdale staff, where pupils will work together to further explore what adult life could be like and how they can best prepare for life after Lonsdale.

The conference will finish at 3pm.

This is an exciting opportunity for our older secondary students to find out from former Lonsdale pupils what life after Lonsdale is like. We would like them to hear about former pupils’ personal journeys, the successes they have celebrated and barriers they have come across in their private and/or working lives.



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