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House Activities

We have a House System to build whole school relationships between key stages.  Each student and staff member has been placed into one of four houses:

Stephen Hawking


HOH Mrs Smart

Michael Caines


HOH vacancy

Evelyn Glennie


HOH Mrs Thiele

Ian Rose


HOH vacancy

  • Our house names were chosen as they are inspirational people who have succeeded in their field despite their disability.   This has inspired our students to participate in all house activities and be a part of a team.
  • Over the year there are various House events in which the students can take part to earn points for their House.  Students can also earn points on a daily basis for excellent work and effort, being kind and helpful. 
  • Each achievement will also earn a house point.  Students who stay in REP will also have opportunities to take part in specific events and earn house points.
  • There are House assemblies every half term creating opportunities for students to come together to discuss forthcoming events and celebrate achievements.
  • Each House has a House Captain and Vice Captain to assist the Head of House in the running of the House.

Results for overall House Competition: 2018

House  Competition



1st Place:     Caines House        392 points



2nd Place:   Hawking House     354 points



3rd Place:    Rose House            279 points



4th Place:    Glennie House       170 points