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Covid-19 Return to School




Returning to school after such a long period of home learning and staying at home is a big step for all of us. Both, students and staff, have been impacted by the pandemic in so many ways. Our Lonsdale School community has always been strong in supporting each other through challenging times. This September calls for kindness, patience and understanding from everyone. As a school, we recognise how important it is to work together to manage uncertainty, unpredictability and all our different emotional responses over the coming months.

We do understand that learning might have to wait a short while until our students have had time to work through some of their experiences, get used to seeing friends again and to adjust to new ways of doing things at school. And, most importantly, to feel safe and secure being at school, away from home. For some of our students, returning to school may be the first time they’ve had an opportunity to meet up with their peers since lockdown and shielding began.

The Autumn Term will focus strongly on the transition back to school. Our post-Covid curriculum will reflect the need to re-establish routines, relationships and identify gaps in all areas of students’ learning.

This page gives you more details of how the School Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team have put in place arrangements to make sure it's a safe return for students and staff. The Governing Body met on Tuesday, 25th August to agree the content of this page and we’ll update it as soon as new information becomes available.

Thank you for supporting our school. You can be sure that looking after each student’s best interest and doing what’s right for them and their families is top of our priorities.

I look forward to meeting up with you all.

Kind regards,

Annemari Ottridge


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