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AAC Support Team

As a team we aim to provide a high level of support to meet each pupils Alternative and Augmented Communication (AAC) needs.

We provide specialist knowledge of AAC to families and professionals, assessments for access to technology needs and communication aids, technical support, mounting solutions and training for staff, families and professionals.

We aim to have a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that all professionals are involved when making decisions regarding different aspects of using AAC.  Within this approach we work closely with wheelchair services, their specialist OTs and rehab engineers to help up ensure that we advise and provide the correct mounting solutions for pupils.  We have a close relationship and work daily with SaLT and OT, as well as many other professionals. 

Within our roles we aim to provide each pupil who requires AAC support with equipment that reflects their ability, interests, needs and wants.  We work closely with the pupil, their families, therapists and class team to ensure this.  It is important that we work closely with school staff to ensure that all pupils have the correct level of input and support to enable the pupil to access the curriculum effectively.

As well as supporting the pupils with their AAC needs, we also work closely and support the families, carers, respite etc. of all our pupils on our caseload to ensure that they are confident in their abilities to support the pupils use of their AAC, we do this by offering guidance, support and training.

We have close working relationships with specialist AAC resellers.  Maintaining these relationships is a continual process to ensure we have the most current information and support to enable us to provide the specialist knowledge for assessments of all pupils’ access to technology or their communication aids in order to support their language programme.


We are responsible for:


access to technology, hardware for VOCAs (Voice Output Communication Aids), mounting solutions for VOCAs.

Specialist Support for;

technical support for VOCA, technical support for mounting solutions, specialist software.

Training – VOCA hardware, access and mounting solution;

for all school staff, for families and carers.

Programming, editing, upgrading and updating;

all AAC


Funded by Education or Health – this will be supported by Communication Support.  Funded privately – we can advise parents / carers


Useful websites:


Members of AAC Team:

L Swaine

H Peach

C Bartlett