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Chelsea's Choice at Lonsdale

On Wednesday 20th April, Hertfordshire Police and Hertfordshire County Council brought "Chelsea's Choice" to Lonsdale School. The AlterEgo production was a powerful tool to highlight the very serious and emotional issue of child sexual exploitation. The production showed how young people, boys and girls, can be groomed by adults using various methods, ensnaring young people and eventually taking complete control and dominating their whole lives. The audience gained a better understanding of the devastating impact that sexual exploitation could have on a young person's life. The play was a very innovative way of raising awareness of the issues whilst reaching young people, giving them some skills and knowledge to be able to protect themselves from this form of abuse. The production was aimed at students from year 8 upwards, and all students who attended asked a lot of questions at the end and were deeply moved.


If you would like to find out more about the play and the production, please visit