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What our Governors say about us

Our Governors visit school and REP throughout the year. Here are some comments and feedback from our Governors following their visits:


'It has been clear that individuals show their involvement in different ways but all of them showed enthusiasm and engagement.' 'This has been an informative day and has improved my understanding of how the school operates. I now have a clear understanding of the assessment process.' (I Miskelly)


'The various communication techniques in that class were impressive, and to see pupils with such limitations able to participate to such a level in many different ways was very impressive.' 'LSAs are having a lot of initiative to involve their pupils and ensure their needs are being covered.' (J Schwartz)


'Pupils thoughts and opinions were sought in every session observed, with choices being made as independently as possible.' 'Seeing them thrive, have fun, and really be at the centre of their learning...'          (S Oliver)


'While waiting for the teacher to arrive for the lesson, the pupils spent time saying hello and chatting with their Marriotts classmates, which was great to observe. It highlights how well the joint curriculum offer and reciprocal arrangements are working for all pupils involved.' (A Drury)


'SLT are a very good team, who work together and have a bond which shines through. They work together, communicate and understand the wider objectives of the school. They are passionate and driven to deliver for the pupils and this shows in everything they do. The pupils are at the heart of everything.'            

(N Cooper)