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Lonsdale School aims to provide a holistic education with truly individual pathways to ensure that all students are able to work to the best of their ability, are challenged and reach their educational potential. At Key Stages 3 and 4 pupils are offered access to all core and foundation subjects of the national curriculum. We also offer a broad range of subjects at Key Stage 4 in the non-compulsory areas of the arts, technology and humanities, for example. Specialist subject teachers and links with local schools help us enrich the range of courses and subjects we can offer. The Individual Learning Plan describes a student's pathway from primary into secondary, identifies set targets in academic and non-academic areas of their personal development and reviews set targets regularly. It takes into account the young person's starting points and aspirations. At the end of Key stage 3 students choose their options. We are striving to offer a broad and varied array of accredited courses such as GCSE, BTEC, Functional Skills, Entry Level, Certificated and Diploma qualifications. Students who access REP have the opportunity to access the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Besides challenging all our students academically, we also focus on developing life skills, independence, autonomy and resilience by the end of Key Stage 4 to allow our young people to smoothly transition into Post 16/Upper School or other provisions out of Lonsdale and be well-prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.