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Please choose a club below that you are intersted in

Sports Club 

Lunchtime Sports Clubs are run by a Sports Apprentice.  Different activities are available across the week.

Choir Club 

Run by Miss Sumner Choir Club meets in the music and drama room every Thursday lunchtime from 1.15 pm - 1.45 pm. It is open to anyone who enjoys singing.  Our members come from KS3 upwards and we sing a mixture of popular, traditional and seasonal songs.  It is a good opportunity for pupils of different ages and abilities to work together.  Sometimes we prepare pieces to perform to the rest of the school or in assemblies and concerts when parents and visitors are invited.

Myah says “I like choir because it gives me a chance to sing to an audience”.

Drama Club 

Run by Mrs North, Drama Club happens on Monday lunchtime 1.10 pm - 1.50 pm and is open to all students.  Students are on a termly rota.   The club promotes and develops working with others, creative thinking, confidence, communication and social interaction skills and performance skills.

Myah says “I like Drama club because it gives me a chance to make up a play and perform showing people what I can achieve”.

Robert says “I like Drama club because I act”.

Chess Club 

Run by LSA Joanna members are taught the rules of chess; how to play, practise playing against each other and also against the computer.

Chess Club is held on a Tuesday lunchtime between 1.15 - 1.50 pm in classroom KS4SP.  Open to all abilities, beginners and long-time players, chess is a great strategy game which builds on intellectual skills helping students to think ahead and anticipate an opponent’s next move.  We have two groups, the Lightning Eagles and the War-Painted Horses.

Myah says “I like chess club because I can work in a team

Cooking Club 

Run by LSA Miss Parker Cooking Club happens on a Monday lunchtime 1.10 - 1.50 pm.  Miss Parker chooses delicious recipes, supplies ingredients and pupils, on a termly rota, are then taught/assisted with cooking them.

Myah says “I like cooking club because I can learn to use different equipment and learn how to cook”.

Robert says “I like cooking club because I love cooking”.

Social Group for VOCA Users 

Two groups are run on alternate Wednesdays allowing pupils to practise communicating socially using their devices.

After School Clubs

At Lonsdale we aim to provide at least 2 after school sports clubs per term.  We work closely with Hertfordshire based clubs including the Hertfordshire Cricket Association, the Golf Trust, Wheelchair Dance Association, Hertfordshire LTA and the Herts Sport and Wellbeing Foundation who provide us with qualified coaches to lead our sessions.  Sessions are fun and accessible to all students from both the school and the local community.  students access local facilities where possible so that they can experience the sport outside of Lonsdale.