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REP or Residential Educational Provision is our 'Outstanding' provision, which secondary students can apply to access from year 7. REP helps extend learning, independence, confidence and self-help skills. Students work towards their Horizon targets as part of their extended curriculum. 

Purpose and Aims of REP

To support our pupils to:

  • Participate in educational learning activities
  • Develop independence through informed choices and practical life skills
  • Achieve autonomy, resilience and well-being
  • Develop friendship opportunities in a safe environment
  • Access a range of social/leisure activities that promote and support interests and creative abilities
  • Interact with peers faced with similar challenges in order to develop social skills and learn appropriate behaviour
  • Prepare for their place in society through a broad educational programme


Rowan RSSW K Grint  
Mulberry RSSW M Compton
Aspen RSSW U Bloodsaw 
Redwood Deputy Head of REP D Kelly

Head of REP: D Lancaster

Night Staff

Nights Staff
Monday and Tuesday J Lucy
Monday and Tuesday H Fountain
Wednesday and Thursday C Weller
Wednesday and Thursday J Britton